A huge part of my life involves my love for animals …. of any kind.  So I thought I would open up a discussion board via my blog here where all we would do is talk about animals.  We will keep it positive here with private conversations welcome on less than desirable content (you get my drift).

Of course, I am always interested in finding out about local fundraisers, volunteer work available for pets needs, and how we, as a group can help all the many four legged family members out there that are in need.  Heck, we could even talk about setting up some sort of foundation or organization that would be solely dedicated to helping our animal friends in desparate need of help.

I personally have been quite impressed with Young At Heart’s organization that deals with our senior pets in need.  Help me learn more about other organizations out there that are as well respected as this one.  Everything is done excellently with this organization.  They have dotted all their “i’s” and crossed all their “t’s”.  I commend them highly and would love to be able to, some day, have my own organization that is as well run as this outfit.

Please join in on this conversation so we can make a difference with our four legged families.  🙂

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  1. Good news! The Annual Silver Paws Silent Auction and Dinner is now scheduled for Saturday, October 21, 2017. I’ll be walking one of their precious seniors throughout the festivities. Stop by and see me or put in your reservations to attend and be a part of this event. Go to Silver Paws Silent Auction and Dinner Event and check it out for yourself! I had a great time last year and they wound up raising over $30,000. It was a GREAT SUCCESS!!!! There were great pieces for sale through their Silent Auction that you could participate in via online and they had a great wine-tasting area in the Atrium area where they were also able to see some of the seniors that were up for adoption. Please come. It’s a great cause and it’s a great organization. Glad to see someone is watching out for our senior four-legged family. Can’t wait to see you there. I’ll try and give you more info as it becomes available. 🙂

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